A breakthrough Hair Loss Treatment Minneapolis PRP at Evolve Hair Clinic

PRP Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy to Combat early and mid stages of Hair Loss

Are you one of those many people who are facing the issue with hair loss? Is your hair thinning out in your thirties? Do you look older than your age as there is hardly any hair left on you head? If you are nodding your head to these questions, it is time for hair therapy PRP for hair loss that will help in the restoration of your lost hair in a completely non surgical and natural process.

Excessive hair loss

Why hair loss occurs and how can PRP help there

There are many cosmetic procedures for fighting hair loss which includes hair implantation or other cosmetic methods, but these are not really ‘treating’ the issue. These cosmetic procedures add in adding artificial hair strands to the scalp that might give you the desired look, but then it is not treating the issue of hair fall. The main issue of hair fall happens as there are certain hair loss genes which signal the cells of hair follicle to wind down over a span of time. The resultant dwindling of the follicles triggers the hair loss which ultimately leads to baldness.

The cosmetic procedures which are very much expensive and always do not give desired results are now getting replaced with PRP therapy that is becoming increasingly popular amongst the mass for its simplicity, natural process and low treatment time. With Hair Loss Treatments Minneapolis PRP, the patient’s own blood is being used to help in regeneration of hair follicles and fighting the effects of the hair loss genes that trigger the dwindling of hair follicles cells.

The procedure of PRP treatment

The procedure involves collection of blood from the patient and then processing the blood so that the PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is left behind which is being injected into the scalp of the patient by means of fine needles.

The PRP of our blood contains active growth factors which when injected on the scalp helps in growth of the hair cells thereby giving you a completely fuller and healthier hair that looks natural and is natural. The whole process of PRP treatment will help all the male and female hair loss Minneapolis issues in the most promising way and the best part is that the overall time required for the procedure to be over is about 60 minutes to 90 minutes at the maximum.

When it comes to PRP, most hair specialists and stylists talk in favor of the therapy as PRP for hair loss is found to be a completely safe process that yields reliable results. PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma therapy can be deployed for fighting both hair fall as well as hair thinning. The whole procedure needs to be repeated twice or thrice a year as the growth factors of the platelets tends to decompose after a certain period of time after being injected into the scalp.

Many patients round the globe and especially in US are trying the option of PRP and are getting promising results which is why the therapy is getting popular day by day