Help with Hair Loss: A-Cell Technology?

On all the hair loss blogs I have been reading, patients have been commenting on a newer technology called A-cell. A-cell is a medical regenerative medicine used for patients on damaged skin, and is also being used for patients having hair transplant surgery.  I decided to call a few of my hair transplant doctor friends, and ask them about A-cell, and if they are using A-cell with their patients.

I was surprised to find that half of the doctors were indeed using A-cell for thinning areas of the scalp. I asked if they were seeing results?

The majority of hair transplant doctors said they had not seen any results yet. One doctor in particular said he has noticed some promising results on one client.

In most forums, I found that people think A-cell technology holds promise in the future of hair loss. In particular, hair loss clinic that are focusing on follicular unit extraction or “FUE” are testing A-cell regenerative medicine.

Clients that are starting to use the breakthrough technology called scalp micro pigmentation have also inquired if A-cell can help bring some density back to their scalp.

The future remains bright for A-cell technology in the battle over hair loss.

– Ron Carter