Acell-PRP Platelet Rich Plasma Combination for Hair Loss

A Few Things You Should Know About Plasma Rich Platelet (PRP) Acell Injection Combination for Hair Loss


Through the years, experts have been in an incessant quest towards finding the best solution for hair loss. Amongst others, one of the most promising is PRP-Acell Combination for follicular unit hair transplantation. This non-surgical solution promises to restore hair growth, making it thicker and preventing hair loss problems. The procedure can be administered quickly and shows promising results, which makes it a popular option for many people. The heightened effectiveness of the treatment can be attributed to the fact that it combines two treatments in one as it uses both PRP and Acell.


What It Is


PRP refers to a concentration sourced from the blood, which is known for stimulating hair follicles. Acell, on the other hand, refers to a technological device approved by the FDA and is a biotechnology product. The combination of the two leads into a promising treatment option for hair loss in both men and women. PRP and Acell hair loss treatment is a new innovation, which basically explains why it is still lacking in terms of medical evidences and scientific literatures to document their effectiveness. Those who have tried it, on the other hand, have positive feedbacks with regards to how it worked.


How It Works


One of the main characteristics of PRP-Acell combination for hair loss is its quick administration, which is also perhaps the reason why many are willing to give it a shot. To begin with, blood acquisition from the patient will be done. Anesthetic is going to be applied on the scalp and to be followed by injections once numb. Overall, the process will take only about 90 minutes. In the same way, the recovery is also pretty quick, which is expected to be about 48 hours.


Results to Expect


PRP-Acell combination for follicular unit hair transplantation is expected to take effect around four to eight months once the procedure has been done. During such time, you will notice your hair being significantly thicker and denser, especially on the specific treated area. After the procedure, there is also a need to go back to the where it was done for follow-up visits. Update or booster injections will be recommended at some point in order to retain hair growth.


Should You Try It?


For anyone who is in a struggle looking for the best way to trigger hair growth, this can be a promising option. Both men and women will benefit from PRP-Acell combination for hair loss. Some might think it is just for the scalp, but this can also be for the eyebrows. If you are interested, however, be prepared financially as you will have to pay thousands of dollars for the treatment.