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Follicular unit extraction – (FUE) technique for hair transplant Evolve Hair Clinic Minneapolis



Hair transplants have come a long way starting with the punch hair transplantation of the 50s to the follicular unit hair transplant of the 90’s and the most recent FUE technique of our times.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a highly advanced mode of surgical hair transplantation which yields the best outcomes. Only the best hair loss clinics Minneapolis would help you with hair implants by combining the groundbreaking hair restoration techniques which would boost the confidence of men and women suffering from hair loss. Evolve Hair Clinic located in Minneapolis offer (FUE) Follicular Unit Extraction along with (PRP) Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy using the body’s own plasma for stronger thicker hair, faster recovery time and better graft retention. Evolve uses Acell with the PRP treatment with FUE or as a stand alone hair loss treatment for men and women in Minneapolis.


In this highly popular hair transplantation technique the follicular units of the donor’s hair are extracted by making tiny circular incisions on the follicular unit of the scalp of the donor so that it is separated from the surrounding tissues. This unit would be extracted right from the scalp leaving behind a tiny open hole. The process is repeated by the surgeon till enough units have been gathered for the hair restoration. This is a lengthy process and might require up to two consecutive sessions. The wounds on the scalp of the donor are expected to heal within a week’s time, leaving small white spots on the scalp surface. The transplanted hairs are unaffected by the effects of the DHT hormone which is responsible for causing baldness in men. This implies that once transplanted, your hair will always remain with you.


Advantages of the FUE technique:


Though the basic principles of FUE technique are not much different from other modes of hair transplant, the fact that it delivers a more natural look is the main reason behind its popularity. Moreover this method is much less painful and comes with a minimum downtime. Hair transplantation by FUE technology leads to a considerably lesser scarring which is healed within a fortnight. The tiny dots left cannot be easily detected which gives the patients a chance to sport closely cropped hair without displaying any scarring. Hair transplant surgeons are of opinion that the FUE technology results in quicker healing because of the absence of sutures and wound closures. Moreover they result in minimum pain or discomfort at the donor region. This technique enables the harvesting of follicular units from different areas of the body like scalp, chest, beard or arm (body hair transplantation or BHT). Lastly the procedure is simple and requires less manpower than the FUT, involving minimum equipments and graft preparation.


The Best Hair Transplant Clinic Minneapolis-Evolve Hair Clinic Minneapolis would combine different hair restoration techniques to give you the ultimate solution to thinning hair. They would strive to come up with the perfect hair restoration or replacement option which is most suited to the client. Only after thoroughly understanding your problems and goals a unique hair restoration plan would be devised by them. If you are trying to find out the best options in Hair Implants Minnesota, then make sure to check out Evolve Hair Clinic whose specialized team of hair experts and surgeons would restore your lost hair and make you look good and feel confident.