Best Hair Transplant options Des Moines

Best hair Transplant Options Des Moines:

All over the globe, there are many patients who are looking for a solution for their hair loss problems, hair weaving, baldness, hair replacement or hair re-growth. Hair loss is a major issue for many individuals.   If you are looking for the hair transplant options for your hair in Des Moines. Then you cant find many hair loss treatment providers in and around Des Moines. The experienced team of doctors at Evolve Hair clinic in Minneapolis can make hair replacement very simple using a hair transplant procedure called Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplantation  for males. For females in the Des Moines area we offer PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, this non surgical process takes about one hour and help stimulate dormant hairs to regrow as well as thickening visible existing  hair.

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Usually, people often hesitate to undergo the procedure due to potential risks and complications. The old strip method is called as FUT or linear transplant, which is one of the more invasive method of hair transplant and may leave a nasty scar. The strip method involves removing a strip of hair bearing scalp from the back of the head and transplanting the individual mammalian skin organ in the non hair bearing areas. The procedure is good, but the scar is visible, painful and this invasive method requires stitches and a prolonged recovery period.

Hair transplant Des Moines: The old Strip method is painful and takes a longer period of time to heal. Evolve Hair Clinic performs come up with a new technique to transplant hair i.e., Follicular unit extraction (FUE). The individual hair grafts are removed directly from the donor. They use one millimeter punch and forceps without picking a linear strip. Each surgeon is different and costs may vary based on individual pricing and skill level.

Hair loss options Des Moines:

Hair loss is a major issue for both women and men. The hair, which boosts an individual confidence and unfortunately, hair loss affect the person’s lifestyle. The hair loss may happen due to hereditary, mental and physical stress, autoimmune responses or by chemical harm in the body. There are many hospitals and options are available for hair loss. The surgeon makes an assessment to take into consideration the quality, type of hair, the color difference between the scalp and hair and pattern of hair loss and facial formation. The treatment for hair loss may range from medication to surgical options for hair thickness and natural appearance.

Best Hair Transplant results Des Moines: Many individuals often hesitate to under go the strip method due to potential risks and complications. In the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique the scarring is much less when compared to strip method and the patients who undergo FUE do not experience any scalp tightness and they have the benefit of returning to their normal daily activities immediately after surgery. The FUE hair transplant heals within 48 hours or less on your your scalp, within a couple of days you can be back to work and within a week you are able to work out regularly  and it is the best options for treating hair loss for the resident of Des Moines.