Best Solution For Female Hair Loss Minnesota

 Best solution for women in Minnesota experiencing hair loss?


Hair loss in females can be tricky. First most women do a fantastic job of concealing hair loss. Albeit this can take work and time that most of us don’t have. So what is the genetic term for hair loss ? Alopecia! it occurs in both men and women and can drastically change our appearance and confidence. so lets delve into simple easy to understand hair loss solutions when it comes to women and what is the best solution for female hair loss Minnesota.

Excessive hair loss


My hair is falling out will Shampoo work?

Shampoo and conditioners are very effective in thickening the hair shaft, however, there is no FDA approved shampoo or conditioner that can regrow hair. I listen all the time on the local radio stations about a hair loss product shampoo for women that regrows hair. I dont see how this is scientifically possible. Thicken absolutely. regrow hair ? I need more proof.

My hair is thinning will minoxidil work ?

For many of us that have tried minoxidil it can work, but the results are nothing to make one jump off a cliff as the answer to hair loss for both men and women. Once starting on Minoxidil you are married to it. If you go off you will quickly loose the hair you had. Minoxidil also can cause irritation to the scalp and leave a mess on the pillow. Rogaine is also required twice per day to be effective.

What about Vitamins to combat female hair loss.

Vitamins can be very effective for both men and women here is a list of three cant hurt vitamins.


Probably the most effective vitamin in helping hair loss.



Fantastic option for helping hair grow thicker.


Saw Palmetto

Mainly for men not women.

Is there any other hair loss solution other then hair transplant surgery ?

Yes and quit possibly will be the most main stream hair loss solution for women without any hassle. so what is it?


PRP Platelet Rich Plasma Hair loss Therapy

PRP is a simple one hour procedure performed at a licensed hair loss clinic. Platelet Rich Plasma is effective in treating thinning hair as well as patch hair. to learn more about PRP as a great solution for hair loss please visit this link


For many of us hair loss can be solved by looking into solutions that are effective, educational and promising. Not every treatment is the end all of hair loss but in my opinion PRP Platelet Rich Plasma for Hair loss is the best non surgical solution for women in Minnesota experiencing hair loss.