Body Hair Transplant for Hair Loss

In recent years with the new and up and coming technology of “FUE” follicular unit extraction performed by only a handful of very skilled hair transplant doctors and physician assistants. Body hair transplant for hair loss has become part of the arsenal in helping men with very little to no donor hair at all left in the scalp from previous linear hair transplants or severe hair depletion on the scalp.

Evolve Hair Clinics Dr. Nick Maragos and his very talented team of “FUE” Follicular unit extraction specialists have adapted Body Hair Transplant as part of the FUE process. The body hair transplant for hair loss usually comes from three area’s of the body.

The general rule the closer the hair to the scalp the more success can be obtained. The beard under the jaw line. The chest and finally the stomach or Back.

Beard hair Extraction is the process of performing body hair Transplant for hair loss or follicular unit extraction principals applied into the beard area. Usually the client has more then two to three days growth. This makes for the optimal extraction and angle for the performing technician or Dr. Angle and direction is key for the replacement into the scalp. Scaring can be minimal and virtually undetectable because of the extraction angle under the chin.

Chest Hair Extraction is the process of performing body hair transplant for hair loss or follicular unit principals applied to the chest area. The chest area can be extracted in more graft counts depending on the volume of available donor chest hair. In most cases body hair transplant in the chest can harvest 300-2500 grafts in a one to two day session. Please note that Body hair extraction takes longer then normal Follicular Unit Extraction on the scalp. It can often be more expensive as well because of the great skill it takes in working with body hair.

Stomach or Back Hair Extraction is the process of performing body hair transplant in the stomach or back regions. In most cases there is very limited donor area’s. Extraction rate can be successful but in most cases extraction rate in one session is limited to 250-700 grafts.

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