Why Choose Evolve Hair Clinic?

Maragos-Nicolas-Ernest2-250x300We are a small specialized clinic with a small dedicated staff. A small dedicated staff ensures a quality assurance that other clinics cannot have due to different skill levels.Our small staff is highly experienced in Scalp Micro-pigmentation, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), and plug and scalp scar repairs. We do not perform antiquated hair restoration techniques.

  • Nicolas Maragos, MD, A board certified Surgeon for over 33 years.
  • Carmen Ramirez, FUE and Scalp Micro-Pigmentation specialist, for over 12 years is a certified and licensed practitioner.
  • Ron Carter, BA, is a veteran hair restoration and repair patient and advocate. Ron Carter has been educating and consulting patients for over 5 years.

A low overhead ensures a lower cost per graft for our clients.

Our procedures are straight forward. Follicular Unit Extraction has been around since the early 2000′s, However Follicular unit Extraction is Gaining huge momentum over the last two years because it is virtually non scaring compared to the tradition linear hair transplant surgery.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation has been around for the last few years as well but is gaining huge momentum in the hair restoration industry. Evolve has refined and developed the scalp micro pigmentation process. New pigments have been developed along with new machines to make the process faster and the quality of work virtually undetectable.

Evolve also combines Follicular Unit Extraction and Scalp Micro Pigmentation to help men with bad hair transplant scars. Scalp Micro Pigmentation along with 300-500 grafts into the scar can virtually make a linear hair transplant scar virtually disappear.

Evolve Hair Clinic is the pioneer and industry leader of combing Follicular Unit Extraction and Scalp Micro Pigmentation in conjunction. Evolve Hair Clinic feels confident that we can solve hair loss issues on 90% of our clients combining these two technologies. Others will follow but Evolve is in the for front of being the industry leaders.

The artistry of hair restoration is derived by our experience.

We perform one procedure per day. All of our time is dedicated to one patient.

Our atmosphere during our procedures is of a relaxed environment. The patient is able to watch TV, movies, browse the internet, work, or play games on an XBox 360. we also provide Netflix.

Our hotel for patients out of town is next door to the clinic and a shuttle to and from the airport is provided. Evolve would be happy to help make arrangements at our corporate hotel within walking distance of Evolves various locations across the united states. We do not perform high pressure sales. Every case is individualized.

So why choose Evolve Hair Clinic?

We are dedicated to educating our clients and informing them of the blue print to hair restoration. Evolve Hair Clinics staff has over 31 years of experience performing hair transplant surgery with Follicular Unit Extraction and Scalp Micro Pigmentation. There is no pressure just education.