Financing – Hair Restoration Cost

Financing and Hair Restoration costs for Scalp Micro Pigmentation and Follicular Unit Extraction

Dr Nick Maragos M.D Head of Staff Evolve Hair Clinic

Dr Nick Maragos M.D Head of Staff Evolve Hair Clinic

Hair restoration cost hair replacement cost at Evolve hair clinics varies by case.

Many of our clients are now choosing to have Scalp Micro pigmentation and Follicular unit extraction hair transplant surgery as a combination for the complete 3 dimensional look that is undetectable.

The SMP FUE combination is exclusive at Evolve and we have the most experienced SMP-FUE staff in the world. Dr Nick Maragos and his Staff take great pride is full hair restoration options for every client. Evolves lead technician has been performing Scalp Micro Pigmentation on hundreds of clients from all over the word.

The cost of hair restoration is dependent on individual situations.

Achieving the full coverage that you desire will determine the cost of your restoration process. In general, the cost can range from $750 for a linear hair transplant scar repair to $4,500 for a full  difficult case. This is dependent on what your specific goals are in achieving hair restoration on your looking for simple hair transplant scar repair or other scars. Or a full head of hair with scalp pigmentation.

  • Scars are typically between $800-1000
  • Full Scalp Micro Pigmentation varies on degree of work but ranges between $2000 and $4500.

Follicular Unit Hair Transplant scalp ranges between $4-6 per graft

Follicular Unit Body Hair Transplant ranges between $6-8 Per graft.

The first step is requesting a quote. Use our quote form, which will ask you several things about your current situation, including your degree of hair loss on the Norwood chart. The Norwood chart is a guide that will help you determine the final cost of the process. Evolve also considers other factors such as current age, size and shape of your cranium “head,” your location as it pertains to the US or International, and hair transplant scars, to make sure that you receive a fair and accurate quote.

All quotes are good for thirty days.

You will need to send a minimum of three to five photos for us to determine your process and evaluate your current and future needs. (All photos sent to Evolve Hair Clinic will never be shared with anyone other than the staff at Evolve.)

Email photos to .

Photos Needed for Quote:

  • Front Hair Line
  • Top View
  • Two (2) side views right and left
  • Crown View
  • (Optional) Any scars

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Casey is an actual client this picture was taken 10 minutes after Scalp Micro Pigmentation at Evolve Hair Clinic.