Five Reasons to Select FUE Hair Transplants

Five reasons to select FUE Hair Transplants

FUE hair transplants have been considered to be among the most modern surgical hair restoration methods which people can take benefit of these days. But before going ahead with deriving FUE Hair Transplant Results Atlanta, it is necessary for the person to know all about FUE and why to choose this particular procedure.

What is FUE?

FUE is in short for Follicular Unit Extraction. It can help to provide better cosmetic results, when the individual compares it to older punch graft style along with strip incision transplants. Also, there is far less scarring than proven by any other procedure.

When the individual undergoes transplant, the region where hair gets taken from is known as donor area. Using older procedures, a whole skin strip is to be cut from back of the head. It usually can leave big scar on the head’s back portion. This is also known as a bad hair transplant scar or bad FUT scar, Thousands of men call our clinic every month to look at SMP to camouflage the scar. Hence, short haircuts were simply out until Scalp Pigmentation camouflage became available or FUE, even if hair transplant was completely successful. Moreover, the scar could stretch to become disfiguring feature on the head’s back.

Why Scalp Micro Pigmentation Atlanta is regarded to be a better choice, when undergoing hair transplants with Scalp Pigmentation?

Some of the reasons are as follows:

  • Scarring almost is invisible
  • This procedure is suitable for those people having little donor hair
  • It is quite idea for people having ‘tight scalp’
  • If the person is eager to cut hair shorter afterwards, then it is FUE that is the right choice to make
  • Healing time can be much shorter on using FUE transplants

To have better FUE Hair Transplant Results, there is a need for the individual to undergo this form of procedure only with the help of a qualified and experienced surgeon who would check suitability first. The donor hair amount along with density of hair would determine the amount of bald area of the scalp to be covered effectively. The person can have hair transplant always. But the question here is the amount of coverage that would be availed as a result.

Using this transplant type, hairs could be removed in small follicular units of 1 to 3 hairs and directly transplanted into the scalp. Such hairs can be directly transplanted from donor region, without requiring for skin strip to be cut. They are scars present in donor region, however, they are size of pin prick noticed on the skin and there is a need for having a magnifying glass for finding them.