Hair Implants Minneapolis

Hair Implants Minneapolis

Follicular Unit Extraction Minneapolis

Hair Implants with Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation at Evolve Hair Clinic Minneapolis



No matter what type of hair loss solution Minnesota men are looking for, there are multiple searches to be conducted. You’ll find the main hair loss centers centered around the greater Twin Cities area. Pull up your favorite search engine, and query such information as Hair Implants Minnesota or Hair Restoration Minneapolis. As with any type of cosmetic procedure, cost is always at the forefront when researching options. Changing the search to Hair Transplant cost Minnesota will help you narrow the search to find the right option for your budget.


Evolve Hair Clinic located in Minneapolis is already across the nation and has expanded their cutting edge services into Minnesota. They are currently the top hair loss clinic in Minneapolis performing the cutting edge hair transplant procedure called Follicular Unit Extraction. Evolve provides exceptional top of the line services including Plasma Rich Platelets PRP-Acell Combination and Follicular Unit Extraction. There are varied types of PRP treatments outside of hair restoration as well. The staff at Evolve is highly trained with state of the art instruments to provide their clients with just the desired results. Clients have reported exceptional results with reviews rated at least 4 out of 5 stars.


While researching Hair Restoration Minneapolis, you’ll find that there is no contest about the best service provider. Evolve’s variety of services offer something for everyone. Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE as it’s more commonly known, is a favorite of men around the world. Unlike the several other options available to men, FUE has a shorter recovery time and significantly less scarring. FUE also offers a higher level of hair retention while maintaining a hairline that looks natural. Scalp Micro-Pigmentation or SMP works hand in hand with FUE at Evolve to ensure not only customer satisfaction but also by boosting confidence even further. Follicular Unit Transplantation actually re-implants the extracted units into a different area of the scalp. It is not uncommon for FUE and FUT to be referred to as a whole under the FUE title. Hair Transplant cost Minnesota inquiries will assist you as a potential client in making the right decision for your needs.


Platelet Rich Plasma injections for hair loss are popular among both men and women. While reading up on topics outlined in Hair Implants Minnesota or Hair Restoration Minneapolis, you’ll most likely run into PRP topics such as Arthritis and ED. This very versatile procedure comes highly recommended as platelets play a role in so many functions of the human body. Evolve’s one hour PRP Injection procedure helps to stimulate the follicles for regrowth. Men and women alike will begin to see results in approximately 6-8 weeks. Optimal regrowth is obtained right around the 6-month mark. Blood is drawn from the client and the processed to separate the platelets. The platelets are then injected into micro-incisions in the scalp. Platelet concentration at the site of the incisions stimulates the regrowth.