Hair Loss Options Minneapolis With PRP

Hair Loss Options Minneapolis with PRP Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

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Hair Loss Options for Men and Women Minneapolis PRP with FUE



Hair loss for many women and men in the Minneapolis area is one of the issues that many people are encountering nowadays, mostly due to an unhealthy diet or a very large amount of stress, as well as other causes. But when you have to face with such an issue, finding a good solution is indeed a necessity! After trying out numerous treatments, many people that suffer from hair loss have targeted us towards Platelet Rich Plasma, an extraordinary treatment that not only stops hair loss, but also encourages hair growth as well. So what are the hair loss options for men and women in Minneapolis. Why is Evolve Hair clinic pioneering PRP treatments for men and women experiencing hair loss.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma?

At its core, this is a therapy that encourages the hair growth through a very interesting process. At first, the doctor with draw out a little blood from your body and then he will move onwards to centrifuge it. The plasma with platelets will collect the blood from the centrifuge and it will place it in the tube. The plasma found here is rich in platelets and it encourages tissue healing as well as regeneration.

The resulting compound is then injected in the scalp. However, there are a few situations in which there is no need for an injection, as the scalp can be rubbed in order to achieve the best results. Even so, in the latter case there is a need for a dermaroller treatment.

Who should use the Platelet Rich Plasma treatment?

The treatment is suitable for a wide range of persons, with a variety of ages, so there is no age restriction or limit. It does have however a few patient categories that it caters to the most, and this includes more specifically people that have androgenetic alopecia or those with thinning hair. At the same time, it’s also targeted towards the women that have a male pattern alopecia.

In order for the Platelet Rich Plasma to be efficient, it requires the patient to go through eight sittings and each one of them must be performed after 2 weeks, which means that the treatment has to be followed around 4 months in order to be fully efficient.

At the same time, Platelet Rich Plasma does come with a specific medication that you have to follow, more specifically propecia or minoxidil as they are crucial if you want the treatment to provide the best results.

Who should avoid the Platelet Rich Plasma treatment?

There are a few persons for which the treatment will be in vain. There is only one category of persons that can’t use it, and that includes those persons who have lost all hair. Platelet Rich Plasma will only make the existing hair thicker, but it can’t encourage the generation and creation of new hair unfortunately that has been attacked and destroyed by DHT.

As you can see, the Platelet Rich Plasma is suitable for people of all ages, and it will definitely help you get back your lost hair. All you have to do is to undergo a period of 4 months for this treatment, but the results are astounding, as you can see from the numerous testimonials, so it’s definitely a treatment that’s well worth a shot!


Evolve Hair Clinic in Minneapolis performs PRP, FUE and Scalp Micro Pigmentation. Hair Loss Treatments are tailored to each patients desires realistic goals and needs.