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Hair Loss after Pregnancy:

Tips for Individuals Living in Minneapolis

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When it comes to female hair loss there are less solutions available for women in the Minneapolis area, than there are for men suffering from the same condition. While the reasons for this may be obvious there are resources available for women as well, resources which are effective in helping to re-grow and thicken the hair.

Most women who suffer hair loss notice it mostly during a couple of different life periods; one is menopause, and the other is post-pregnancy. It is the latter which we will discuss. Below we will cover hair loss after pregnancy as well as hair loss treatments available for women living in Minneapolis; read on.

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Here is what is really going on: When a woman is pregnant, particularly with the administration of pre-natal vitamins, the hair on her heal will typically ( about 85% of the time) grow thicker, longer, and stronger, sort of the way a dog’s hair during cold months. Once the child is born and the body is no longer storing up the extra vitamins and minerals, combined with the fact that estrogen levels drop dramatically after childbirth, the hair will begin to thin down, shedding and falling out. While this is normal, and lasts only a short period of time, it is not uncommon for so much of the hair to fall out that it is much, much thinner than before, and in some cases the hair never seems to gain that pregnancy health and luster again.

Ways to treat Post-Partum Hair Loss treatment center Evolve Hair Clinic Minneapolis

While you cannot stop your hair from shedding and falling out you can do to control the situation. One of the most popular and inexpensive ways to deal with the problem, which is much easier for women than men, is to be versatile in hair styles. Women with longer hair are able to creatively camouflage the issue while their hair thickens and regrows. One popular way to deal with the issue is to crop it and go short until it fills back in.

Another popular solution to post-partum hair loss used by women today is ‘PRP’, or Platelet Rich Plasma Hair treatment. After pregnancy PRP has proven to strengthen, thicken, and regrow hair longer and stronger than ever before, thick durable tresses after childbirth, boosting your body’s ability to grow hair.

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) contains over five times the number of platelets found normally in the blood which circulates throughout. PRP also contains other ingredients which are believed to stimulate the growth and strengthening of the hair including transforming growth factor (TGF), platelet derived growth factor (PDGF), and vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF).

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If you are a woman who is suffering from thinning hair or hair loss after childbirth you can be proactive in solving the problem and actually get the job done right. Hairstyles are one thing, but PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma Hair treatment, is one solution which is highly-effective in re-growing and thickening the hair. Try PRP today, and take care of your post-pregnancy hair loss for good.