Hair Loss treatments for women Minneapolis

Excessive hair loss



It is rather a very surprising and astonishing fact that one out of every four woman faces the issue of hair thinning and or hair loss. Given the fact that women are so very particular about their hair styles, such hair thinning or hair fall could trigger a lot of pain, embarrassment or devastation for the women. Thanks to the advancement of medical science and technology, now there are many Female Hair Loss treatments Minneapolis to battle out hair thinning or hair fall.

The various options that a female would have to fight out her hair loss issue would include laser therapy, hair implantation, PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, applying Rogaine, applying shampoo and conditioners as well as vitamins.

Shampooing can help to a point

Application of shampoo on the hair that would provide the hair with required elements so that the hair follicles are adequately fed and does not die out. However, if the dwindling of the hair follicles happens due to genetic causes, shampooing would not be of much use as genes would still trigger the dying out of hair follicles and that would bring on hair thinning or hair loss, no matter how effective or costly shampoo is being used.

Hence in the battle of PRP vs. Shampoo, PRP would take an upper hand as the procedure would involve injecting of platelet rich plasma from the blood into the scalp of the patient. The platelets that contain extra growth elements will bring on faster growth rate of the follicle cells and will try to negate the genetic behavior as well.

Rogaine is not a very natural process

Rogaine, the dermatologist preferred hair regeneration foam that works by revitalizing the shrunken hair follicles thereby causing the hair follicles to come back to life and get you a fuller and natural looking hair. However, in the game of PRP vs. Rogaine, while results are somewhat similar, yet PRP would get an upper hand as the process of PRP is completely natural. It used the patient’s own blood unlike Rogaine which basically takes help of chemicals to bring the hair follicles back in shape and action.

Laser therapy is liked by many

Laser therapy for women in Minneapolis, which is considered the most scientifically advanced  process in hair loss until PRP is being rendered as one of the most reliable processes by dermatologists as helps the hair loss progression by 93% and stimulates the follicles of hair thereby giving thicker and stronger hair to the patient. Laser therapy is something that helps in post operative cases as well where hair transplant has been carried out. However laser therapy can be time consuming and difficult to keep up a schedule, whereas PRP platelet Hair regrowth treatment takes one hour and may require a treatment every 6 months. PRP being all natural and effective in targeting areas of thinning hair in both woemn and men is just simply a better investment in time management and results.

PRP vs. Laser Hair therapy Minneapolis  Where PRP would get many advantages over its contestant laser therapy is PRP is a more natural process and is not as expensive as laser therapy. While laser therapy works by stimulating the hair follicles for better hair growth, PRP works by supplying the hair follicles with active growth factors which lets the follicle re grow the hair that had thinned out.

Of all the available female hair loss treatment options, some are cost effective and some are time effective. Females opt for the mode of treatment that suits their requirements as end of the day what matters is natural hair that adds to the beauty of any woman.


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