Hair Replacement Houston

Evolve Hair Clinic Scalp Micro-Pigmentation & Follicular Unit Extraction

Evolve Hair Clinic Has been providing two Hair Replacement Methods in The United States for over four years. Evolve Has Locations in Minneapolis Minnesota, Dallas Texas, Houston Texas, Atlanta Georgia, and Philadelphia PA. Hair Replacement Houston with Evolve Hair Clinic will be opening its doors in the late summer of 2014.

Hair Replacement Houston for many men in the greater Houston area with Scalp Micro Pigmentation or FUE is only a quick phone call and consultation away. Scalp Micro pigmentation is the non Surgical Process of re-creating thousands of hair follicles to replicate the look of real hair. Evolve has been involved with this method since 2011.

Follicular Unit Extraction is the process of removing one bulbis or graft at a time and redirecting the graft to the hair line or behind to re-frame and create a soft natural hair line. At Evolve Hair clinic we offer FUE in Dallas-Arlington location.

Evolve Hair Clinic

has four certified and highly qualified practitioners to perform Scalp Micro-Pigmentation and we are proud to add Houston as our newest location to the Evolve Family.

Gone are the days of wearing hats to conceal your hair loss. Evolve was opened up by Ron Carter too help educate men on hair loss alternatives. He himself went through the hair loss battle for years. Then he discovered FUE and SMP and decided to bring themt them together.

For more information and beautiful before and after pictures along with video and testimonies please visit the evolve hair clinic website today. or call 1-866-678-4330