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For many men and women it is difficult to educate and find the time on reviewing Hair Restoration clinics that perform Hair Transplant Surgery in the greater Atlanta Area. Along with these options men and women seek non surgical options like Hair Systems or “toupees” or Low Level Laser Therapy to help strengthen hair and restore damaged or thinning hair. The latest hair restoration technology in the hair loss industry is Scalp-micro pigmentation which is the process of tattooing the scalp to create the look of a full head of hair.

Deciding on a clinic is important. The following 5 questions are imperative to ask any Center. Please note your expected answers might not be the same as the representatives answers but general basic knowledge helps.

1. Do you perform Linear or Strip scar or FUE. How long have you been doing each procedure ? Do you also offer Scalp Micro-Pigmentation. If not who would you recommend.

2. May i see results in person or online? Pictures or actual clients is a big plus in my opinion.

3. Who will be performing my Surgery. Make sure you get the doctor you asked for.

4. Does the clinic offer any other hair restoration options. This is a very important step in choosing a hair restoration specialist.

5. Typical costs for Grafts or Scalp Micro-Pigmentation. Cheaper does not mean better.

These are five simple but very effective questions to ask your potential clinic. Choosing a clinic can be a process that will pay ten fold if you do your homework. Hair Transplant Atlanta reviews are complex and possibly difficult to understand. so setting up phone or in-person consults is a great place to start.

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