How much does a hair transplant cost in Minneapolis?

Evolve Hair Clinic-How Much does a hair transplant cost in Minneapolis-


That is the multiple thousand dollar question hundreds of men ask themselves everyday in the Minneapolis area. Hair transplants are performed in three ways. Follicular Unit Transplantation (or Linear) and Follicular Unit Extraction (single grafts extracted) and BHT (Beard or Body Hair) Transplantation. This guide will educate you and help you learn about hair treatment centers in Minnesota.

The most common hair transplant surgery is the FUT or Follicular unit transfer. Most people know this as the linear transplant. The linear transplant is the process of creating an incision from one side of the donor region of the scalp to the other side of the scalp, or ear to ear. This section is then cut into grafts from 1000 to 3500, possibly more.

The upside to linear is the doctor can usually get more grafts. The downside is in most cases the patient is left with a long scar from one side to the other side of the scalp. As you potentially get older this scar may be more visible and often doctors do not tell you about long term implications. The other negative to linear is nerve damage and loss of feeling in the scar region. The other downside is graft retention. Linear can cause damage to the graft if not handled properly and placed properly. In some cases the patient will only have a 70% survival rate of the grafts.

Linear Scar from Hair Transplantation.

Linear Scar from Hair Transplantation This patient had Scalp Micro Pigmentation and later on FUE with 400 grafts to rid the linear Transplant Scar. Evolve Hair clinic specializes in FUE and SMP along with PRP plasma Rich Platelet hair therapy.

The upside to linear are two. One you get more grafts than with FUE or BHT, and the other is cost. Depending on the surgeon the average price for linear is $4-8.00 per graft, however i have heard adverts on the radio claiming as low as three dollars per graft. Most consumers are unaware of the long term effects of linear, mainly the happy face scar that leads to the client wearing a hat to cover up the scar. Scalp micro pigmentation can help camouflage the scar, however it is recommended that the scar also receive 400-600 grafts. Common downsides to linear are less graft retention, damaged grafts, large scars and long healing time, and damage to the scar region or loss of hair next to the linear scar. Stitches or sutures that may cause tissue damage. Mental fear or subconscious fear of repeating or having another transplant.

What about FUE?

Follicular Unit Extraction is the second most performed hair transplant in the world today. FUE (for short) is the process of extracting one bulbous at a time from the donor region of the scalp. Each bulbous may contain one to seven grafts. The pros to FUE are very simple. The grafts are taken one at a time and put into the hairline or frontal third of the scalp or crown dependent on patients wants. There is minimal scaring. The recovery is three days. Usually a qualified FUE team can extract between 1500 and 3000 grafts in one day dependent on donor supply and ease of extracting.

Benefits also include extracting from donor regions that have been depleted from linear transplants. Minimal scarring. Quicker recovery, less mental trauma, Elasticity of the scalp remains in place. No linear scar that will or may be visible in public.

Evolve Hair Clinic in Eagan Minnesota is the only hair restoration clinic that specializes in FUE only. Not only that, our FUE medical team has been doing FUE for a combined 27 years. Placing the grafts and creating a natural soft hairline is the main worldwide recognition Evolve has obtained. Evolve also uses PRP plasma Rich Platelet therapy to accelerate the graft growth and size.

Follicular Unit Extraction Minneapolis

FUE at The Evolve Hair Replacement company Minneapolis MN.

Are there any drawbacks to FUE?

The main drawback to FUE is number count of grafts. typically 1500-2500 is a realistic expectation on most patients. If not placed correctly the grafts can be sucked up as the swelling goes down and eventually die, this happens with linear and BHT as well. It is imperative to find a clinic and team that understands angles and depth of placing grafts.

Costs are typically $6 to $8 per graft.

What about BHT?

BHT: Body Hair Transplant is the process similar to Follicular Unit Extraction in that the bulbous or graft is extracted from the chest or beard one graft at a time. This process can be lengthy but effective for small areas. Typically 500-900 grafts can be extracted in one day. Evolve Hair Clinic in Eagan Minnesota offers Beard Hair Transplants and Chest Hair Transplants.

The only drawback is the relatively small amount of grafts that can be extracted in one session. Costs are usually $8- $12 per graft.

Costs can vary with hair transplantation depending on your requirements. If you’re based in Minneapolis and need advice, please call our team for a professional assessment, in confidence and with no obligation.