Hair Transplant Instrumentation

Our clinic’s staff has been working within the newer age of hair transplants for over 15 years. Because of this experience, the Evolve staff use the latest technology in follicular unit extraction and we exceed 95% of the industry’s standards of operation.

Stereo Microscopes: These were brought into the industry many years back. However even with this necessary addition, we use the top of the line microscopes for the best clarity in graft sorting and dissection.


FUE Extraction: There is a wide variety of FUE extractors used in the hair transplant industry today. Our experienced staff is proud to be able to use the S.A.F.E. powered system. This rotary device is minimally invasive, has the fastest healing times and the least amount of scarring. It uses circular punches that range in size from 0.8-1.0mm in size.


Loup Magnification: Loupes are extremely important in all aspects of hair transplants. The industry as a whole does not utilize this as a standard practice however our physician and all ancillary staff are required to use loupe magnification. Having said this, we use the top of the line loupes made by Carl Zeiss Instruments.


Other various instruments: 

Sterilizer: Simple and effective instrument sterilizer.


Custom FUE Graft Extraction Instrument: One of our staff members worked with the very first clinic that started FUE in the United States. He created a customized  mosquito hemostat that increased efficiency and decreased graft damage.


Body Hair Extraction Tool:  This instrument fits on the S.A.F.E. system tool above and has become a very important part of body hair extraction. It uses a 0.9mm circular punch.