Job Stress and Hair Loss Treatment

In recent years, I have been talking to many men and women about causes of hair loss. In my hair loss treatment consultations, the three most often asked questions as to what causes hair loss are:

  1. Genetic DNA
  2. Shampoo
  3. Water-showers

But in recent months, I am frequently asked could my hair loss be caused by the stress at my job?

The question of hair loss in the work place is perplexing. In some nations, we work longer hours and have twice the work than ever before.

Evidence is hard to find and there are small studies currently under way to see if stress in the work place is causing hair loss. In my opinion, stress on the job can definitely lead to hair loss in some clients. Hair loss solutions is my goal.

Here is what we recommend:

  1. Laser Hair Restoration to get back the hair that has fallen out from potential stress.
  2. Vitamins Niacin, Saw Palmetto, and Biotin for hair loss stabilization
  3. Copper Peptide shampoos and conditioners.

In some cases we have recommended Scalp Micro Pigmentation and Follicular unit extraction to help patients regain the look of a full head of hair.

Stress on the job has not scientifically been proven to cause hair loss. However, hair loss can be caused by many factors. It is important to do research on hair loss causes and look at options to help you regain the hair you have lost.

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