Male Pattern Baldness: Understanding more about it

Male Pattern Baldness: Understanding more about it

Baldness has been referred to lack of hair, be it completely or partially, being a result of hair thinning and hair loss. Generally, pattern and intensity of baldness may depend upon cause of baldness. Few baldness types could cause nearly complete or complete, hair loss over whole body, which includes the arms, head, legs, etc. The much more common baldness type can cause hair loss and hair thinning on head or scalp, similar to other baldness type. However, the degree of loss of hair might vary from one individual to the other. These days, one can easily get hold of Balding Minnesota treatments to take care of their baldness and to enjoy restoring their hair to its original condition through various methods and procedures.

PRP is a great option for women with thinning hair.

PRP is a great option for Women and Men with thinning hair.

Balding Cure Minnesota for men and women

Complete hair loss, especially on head is said to occur more in males when compared to females. However, females also are said to be experiencing baldness, which are commonly in female pattern baldness form that tends to cause loss of hair on the head top, but not on back of head or on sides. Male pattern loss of hair is common among men and similar to female pattern hair issues may cause hair issues on scalp top. Both ‘pattern’ types of hair problems might start with thinning taking place in scalp center that gradually increases, thereby causing near-total or total hair problems in whole diameter of the head top.

Causes of baldness

It has been estimated that about 95% of men facing baldness are caused due to male pattern baldness, often called androgenic alopecia. This type of baldness generally begins with receding and thinning of hairline, generally continuing until a single or two patterns occur, with the first one leaving ‘horse shoe’ type ring of hair and the other causing loss of hair for diameter of scalp top. Both female and men pattern baldness might be caused by passing down of baldness gene. Hence, it has been estimated that about there are 4 out 7 chances of children inheriting such genes.

The other baldness causes are known to include hair loss or traction alopecia, which is caused due to wrong hair care or hairstyles, causing weakening of hair strands, eventual breakage – cornrows, ponytails, excessive brushing and excessive heating, all of which could cause traction alopecia. Problems related to hair can also be due to chemical and medical therapies, medications, pregnancy or childbirth, eating disorders, depression or stress and imbalanced hormones.

Consulting the best Balding Hair Minnesota professionals is likely to provide the individual with respite of stopping further balding and to regenerate new hair.