Norwood Scale Hair Loss Progression Chart Evolve Hair Clinic

Norwood Scale Hair Loss Progression Chart



The Norwood scale hair loss treatment progression chart for Hair Restoration Follicular unit extraction and Scalp Micro Pigmentation.

Understanding Hair-loss

When considering hair loss treatments, it is key to understand where and how far gone your hair loss has progressed. The Norwood chart was developed to help a client see where he or she is at in the hair loss stages. Evolve Hair Clinic specializes in helping any individual with a personal assessment on where he or she might fall on the Norwood chart.

Evolve Hair Clinic staff members are experts at educating our clients on the right direction in hair restoration methods. Evolve Hair Clinic is know for quality work and striving to be the very best at educating patients on hair restoration options.

The typical person is born with over one hundred thousand hairs on the scalp. It is not until a patient or client has reached or lost up to 50% of their hair that noticeable thinning on scalp begins. Anything less then this number usually means significant thinning.

Typical male pattern baldness is usually diagnosed based on the appearance and pattern of the hair loss in stages, your age and when you started noticing hair loss can be helpful in treatment, along with a detailed medical history, including questions about the prevalence of hair loss in your family gene. However other causes can be attributed to hair loss.

An experienced doctor should examine the scalp under magnification to assess the degree of miniaturization or degree of hair loss. This assessment from the doctor is very important for recommending the proper action one could take. Hair Restoration is a great option for many people. At Evolve Hair Clinic Dr Nick Maragos will do a complete examination of the scalp to asses the proper treatments for your hair restoration goals.

About The Norwood Scale

This chart of hair loss pictures is a useful tool for diagnosis (and to avoid misdiagnosis) and for describing the extent of hair loss for treatment purposes. Evolve asks that you use this guide as a toot to see where your hair loss stage might be. Often when a client meets for a consultation or sends in pictures this helps the staff at evolve hair clinic evaluate the clients degree of hair loss.

The Norwood scale defines the measure of hair loss progression. It is helpful to use this scale when describing your hair loss to us via phone or email.
There are many variations of hair loss; this scale displays the most typical formations.