Who is the Perfect Candidate for Follicular Unit Extraction

Evolve Hair Clinic performs Follicular Unit Extraction at our Minneapolis Location. Performed by Dr Nick Maragos M.D and Tom Ortiz is a leading Technician in the Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation industry.

So who is the PERFECT candidate for Follicular Unit Extraction.


The answer is EVERYONE is a candidate for follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

In my opinion and the opinion of the clinics that have years of experience performing FUE, everyone should be able to have a form of FUE as a solution to hair loss. Here are a few examples of those who are good candidates for FUE at our clinic:

1. Military and paramilitary personnel.
2. Police.
3. Men who shave their heads.
4. People who want to wear their hair short.
5. People with very straight and very curly hair.
6. People who have had several strip procedures.
7. People who have exhausted their donor supply due to injury or previous procedures.
8. Light and dark haired procedures.
9. People who do not want to have a strip linear scar hair transplant.

Back in the beginning of FUE, there was a test that was performed to see if the FUE could be performed on an individual. It was called the fox test. If you were fox positive, then you were a good candidate for FUE. If you were fox negative you were not. Unfortunately there were clinics that used the fox test to bait and switch clients to do the strip procedure. The fox test is irrelevant now. There have been very few people over the last 10 years that I personally have witnessed not to be good candidates. I can count on one hand an actual bad candidate.

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