Priapus Shot Minneapolis

Priapus Shot Minneapolis


The Evolve Male Clinic Priapus shot Minneapolis for male enhancement has been gaining popularity in recent months among men in the Minneapolis market. For years men have been bombarded with male enhancement campaigns, promising a stronger, longer, more erect penis. Truth is, nobody in the male enhancement industry can say with 100% that their product is guaranteed to increase vitality and size. What if there was a way to increase everything in less then 45 minutes using your own blood? I didn’t believe it either until I stumbled upon Platelet Rich Plasma injections for my clients looking for hair restoration in Minneapolis.

Evolve Male Clinic Priapus Shot Male Enhancement

Evolve Male Clinic Priapus Shot Male Enhancement


PRP Injections Minneapolis

Plasma Rich Platelet injections have been around for years, mainly used in elbows and knees as a regenerative product to help patients with lack of cartilage in the effected areas. Minneapolis based Evolve Hair Clinic started injecting  Platelet Rich Plasma sin the scalp for both men and women in the fall of 2014 with astonishing results. PRP is the process of extracting plasma from the body, spinning it for 15 minutes to separate the red and white blood cells. What is left is a pure oxygen rich platelets. The medical team then mixes the red blood cells in with the pure plasma.

PRP Hair Loss

The next step is what I consider the most incredible medical advance for patients I have personally seen for Hair Restoration since I started Evolve Hair clinic. The plasma is injected back into the scalp in this scenario over 15 minutes. I do need to remind clients that this is a medical procedure but minimal.

Evolve Hair Clinic has been performing Evolve Hair Clinic Plasma Rich Platelet injections in Minneapolis as a stand alone product and during our follicular unit extraction cases. One day when I was talking with our representative who we order the PRP kits from, he mentioned that PRP is know being used in the male genitalia area increasing size, girth, stamina and stopping premature ejaculation. I was skeptical. I did my research and dove straight in. Within two weeks I was convinced that prp is working for men all over the world, but nobody knows about it.  I’ve been helping men regain personal confidence with hair restoration techniques and I am now grateful to be helping men with their sexual confidence and satisfation.

Natural Male Enhancement Minneapolis

I believed it so much i sent my medical team to Florida for training to learn from the doctor who invented the Priapus shot. The medical team at Evolve Male is now certified and trained to perform this incredible male enhancement procedure. Thousands of men in the Minneapolis St paul area finally have a safe secure procedure to increase girth, size and stamina in the bedroom, using there own plasma. Evolve is a medically licensed clinic based in Minneapolis Minnesota run by Dr Nick Maragos out of the Mayo Clinic.

Evolve Male clinic is so excited to introduce PRP for male enhancement that we guarantee the results! Visit us online and do your research. Call us today for a free confidential consultation with our medical staff.




Ron Carter

Founder Evolve Male Clinic

Priapus is known as the god of fertility in Greek Mythology