PRP and Acell Combination for Thinning Hair Minneapolis

PRP-Acell combination is a great option for women and men with thinning hair.with thinning hair.
PRP-Acell combination is a great option for women and men with thinning hair.Visit Evolve hair to learn more and book a free consultation.

 PRP-Acell Combination for Thinning hair Minneapolis

Lets face it nobody wants to look in the mirror and notice thinning hair, yet thousands of men and women in the Twin Cities face this issue everyday. Evolve Hair Clinic located in Eagan Minnesota has performed a breakthrough non surgical hair loss treatment on over one thousand patients the last year with PRP platelet Rich Plasma Therapy and Acell. The PRP and Acell Combination helps men and women in who are starting to notice thinning hair.

So how does PRP work and adding Acell, will it work and how effective is it?

Dr Nick Maragos is the Lead Medical Director at Evolve HAir Clinic in Minneapolis.

Dr Nick Maragos M.D is the Lead Medical Director at Evolve Hair Clinic in Minneapolis.


Lets start simple education by understanding PRP Platelet Rich Plasma. PRP has been used in Europe for well over 10 years. Recently it has been booming in the united states as a regenerative medicine for injuries to professional athletes and men and women with joint or degenerative muscle loss. Recently it has been used for Hair loss and in Hair transplant surgery, as well as erectile dysfunction for men and incontinence issues for women. please visit Evolve Male Clinic for more information on the Priapus and O-Shot.

Breaking down the simplicity of PRP

Evolve Hair Clinic has performed more PRP treatments on Men and Women then any other clinic in the midwest!

step by steps of the non surgical hair loss treatment

Withdrawing 60 CC of Plasma from Patient.

Spinning the plasma down twice in a state of the art centrifuge machine.

Numbing the top area of the scalp.

Injection pure Plasma into the thinning area and rest of the scalp.


New hair growth 90 days

Existing   Hair thickens up to 65% within 60-90 days.

Dormant hairs awaken and regrow within 90-180 days.









 The Top clinic in the Midwest for PRP-Acell hair loss treatment Evolve Hair Clinic

Evolve Hair clinic also uses PRP and Acell with our advanced Hair Transplantation Surgery Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation. This helps aid in recovery and graft survival, it also has been medically proven that newly transplanted hair will start growing and not fall out in up to 56% of the transplanted grafts.

How does Acell work in conjunction with PRP? for the most accurate information please visit In a nutshell Acell is a regenerative medicine that aids in the healing of damaged or traumatized tissue in the human body. it is a topical treatment to help accelerate the healing of wounds. also known as maristream it is a complex protein scaffold obtained from Pig Tissue. similar to that of human tissues.

Is it safe? Acell is processed to remove cellular material and sterilized to ensure safety, The use of pig tissue for medical purposes has been used in the medical industry for 40 years. Acell is an advanced product that provides the body with scaffold containing a collection of proteins and collagen that helps in the healing of wounds. Acell helps in conjunction with PRP to accelerate hair growth and repair the trauma from a needle. Evolve Hair clinic would be happy to educate you more on how the acell-prp combination is in the forefront of helping men and women with thinning hair in Minnesota. visit Evolve Hair Clinic to set up a free consultation