July 21st 2014 Evolve Hair Clinic who operates Full time in Arlington Texas performing Scalp Micro Pigmentation and Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation. FUE is the non linear approach to hair transplant that is minimal in scarring and leaves virtually no scars. When combined with Scalp Micro Pigmentation the client is left with the three dimensional look of real hair combined with the fullness of Scalp Micro Pigmentation the tattooing and recreation of thousands of hair follicles. Scalp Micro-Pigmentation San Antonio Hair Loss Option is now available to any man in the San Antonio region.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation is a refined art of recreating thousands of hair follicles in the scalp region. Evolve Hair Clinic San Antonio uses a cosmetic tattoo machine to help give any man the look of a full head of hair. If a patient from San Antonio chooses both he could fly to Dallas for the simple FUE process. Typically 1500 to 2500 grafts re-frames the Hair line and frontal third.

Evolve has chosen to open in San Antonio for the overwhelming demand for the SMP

Scalp Micro Pigmentation is a semi permanent pigmentation that can last 3-5 years before a touch up is need. Costs range between $1000 and $4500 depending on the hair loss severity.

Dr Nick Maragos and Evolve have refined the FUE-SMP combination to give 95% of men a chance at a full looking head of hair. Scalp Micro-Pigmentation San Antonio is available with one phone call and a 30 minute consultation.

Call Evolve hair clinic for a free consultation 1-866-678-4330 or go online and see incredible before and afters.