SMP-FUE Combination Hair Restoration

Five years ago the owner of Evolve Hair Clinic had a vision. The FUE-SMP Combination Hair Restoration. Mother nature can be tricky to most of us men and let me share with you why?

The average Male is born with over one hundred thousand hairs on his scalp. over the years as DHT blocks follicles and eventually weakens them hair start to fall out at a more rapid pace. what we cant see with the human eye is on average you wont notice hair loss until there are less then fifty thousand hairs left on the scalp.

Mother nature plays this tricky hair loss game with us when its to late. Ron Carter the founder of Evolve is one of millions of men who experienced hair loss and when he tried to combat it there were very few methods to help.

After two very miserable Strip transplants performed by the largest hair restoration company in the world Mr carter was left with large scars and poor results.

Mr carter went to work at a Scalp Micro Pigmentation company for awhile but soon realized Running his own business and adding Follicular unit Hair Transplantation was the key he wanted to open the hair loss door once and good for men.

Mr carter created Evolve for two reasons. To educate men that Scalp Micro Pigmentation and Follicular Unit Extraction can be done separate as great hair restoration options, or you can combine 1500-2000 grafts in the frontal third using FUE and combine with with Scalp Micro Pigmentation to give the look and feel of a natural full looking head of hair.

SMP-FUE Combination Hair Restoration

SMP-FUE Combination at Evolve is so natural and undetectable that your friends will never be able to tell. Simply put the SMP-FUE Combination is what men with hair loss have always been desiring. Men looking into hair restoration finally have a simple solution.

The FUE-SMP combination is simply the best solution for any man looking to get their confidence and hair back. Evolve is revolutionizing Hair Restoration with Scalp Micro Pigmentation and Follicular unit Extraction.


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