Solutions for thinning hair Minneapolis

                                           Solutions for thinning hair Minneapolis


Excessive hair loss


Hair loss is one of the prevailing problems that is very common in both men and women. Stressful life, chemical filled environment, fast food and hair products & treatments are the most common reasons for it. Although we know reasons there is very less that we can do to address these prevailing issues. Well here are few solutions that can help to certain extent to deal with this issue.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP Therapy)

  • To explain in simple words this therapy is one of simplest non-surgical medical therapy.
  • Human blood naturally contains something called as mesenchymal stem cells and some others which help in tissue regeneration and tissue healing.
  • They are found in less quantity as when required by the body.
  • In this therapy some amount of blood is drawn from patient’s body a day or two before the treatment. This blood is centrifuged in sterile environment to concentrate these cells and platelets. Once this is done, as the name suggests this platelet rich plasma is injected in scalp of the patient. Scalp is given anesthesia so that pain is avoided. And! It’s done.
  • The concentrated plasma with these cells help in regeneration and regrowth of hair.


Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

  • This is another simple therapy which gives great results.
  • To understand this method the rice field analogy is best.
  • In paddy field the plants grow close to each, the farmer then removes them and replants in different areas.
  • Same goes here, under local anesthesia a follicle unit containing few hair strands is removed and placed at a predetermined area one by one. This can be done in multiple sessions or single.
  • The advantage here is this procedure leaves no visible scar on scalp and after the surgery it does however leave micro scarring as every FUE procedure does. it hardly takes less than 7 days to recover from the minimized pain.


Vitamins and Shampoos

  • Not one but Vitamin A, B, C, D and E are all important to keep hair healthy. Every vitamin plays a vital role. Each vitamin has different responsibilities, sometimes it might not directly be related to hair but it helps in something else which is important for hair. For example vitamin C is important for production of collagen protein which is a part of hair.
  • Talking about shampoos, they don’t exactly help in growth but they prevent in hair loss by cleaning hair and getting rid of harmful chemicals. It is not recommended to use shampoo because that can lead to make it dry. Thinning hair can be helped by PRP and or propecia-Acell and possibly FUE. in Minneapolis Evolve Hair Clinic has been performing FUE-PRP and Acell for over five years.