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DSC_0050-300x200Evolve Hair Loss Testimonials: Evolve Hair Clinic strives to create the very best result and experience for our clients. Evolve is more than happy to provide excellent references for those considering SMP, FUE and PRP treatments.

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My name is Jake and I am a hair loss sufferer. My journey has been a long one as I’m sure it has been for all of you reading this. I am 32 years old and began losing my hair at age 17. I had one strip surgery at age 24 and am lucky I got good advice afterwards, as I did not pursue another procedure. I just had my second repair procedure a month ago with Evolve Hair Clinic and am excited about the upcoming results. My purpose in writing is to start helping young men make more informed decisions with regards to managing their hair loss.

This topic can be an uncomfortable one to talk about. As a man I always thought I was suppose to be strong and not share my feelings. But unfortunately in today’s society there is immense social pressure for men to look good and when I started losing my hair it became an emotional experience for me. This intense focus on male appearance never existed 15-20 years ago, an issue women were more familiar with, but it is now the reality men live in. I believe a society of insecure men like myself is steadily growing from constant exposure to perfect male images in every form of media. In this media storm of male vanity thrust upon my subconscious, losing hair become a private intellectual prison I suffered in.

Luckily there is now a formula for systematically solving the problem of hair loss and Evolve Hair Clinic has developed this formula. With the proper mix of FUE, SMP, and PRP, Evolve’s formula is getting me back to a place where I can again walk into a room of people with no anxiety about my appearance. Evolve is unique to all other “hair restoration clinics” in that it has a blend of an empathetic staff and the best science available to date. The owner, Ron Carter, a hair loss sufferer himself, has dedicated his life to developing the proper blend of techniques in order to best serve any clients situation. Ron understood the pain that I was going through and thoughtfully developed the proper plan for me.

On staff are two of the worlds most experienced FUE technicians, Carmen and Lyda. I can say from my own personal experience that these two women were not only the most knowledgeable and professional people in the industry I have met so far, they were a joy to be around. This process of repairing your hair loss can be a depressing and embarrassing one and these two women couldn’t have made the experience more comfortable and in fact enjoyable for me.

In closing, the truth is most men will never have enough donor hair to get their hair back to exactly where it was before the loss started. The math simply doesn’t add up when you get down to the square footage of your head and the hair needed. You’re taking from the back and sides and adding it to the top. You are not duplicating hairs; you are shifting them around. And when you’ve lost hair, especially at a young age, this shifting is critical.

•The first critical decision is to go with FUE or a sample of SMP over a strip scar surgery. This leaves you with an out if you ever decide to shave your head, with a strip scar you will not have the luxury.
•The second is to find a clinic that embodies all the aspects necessary to help a person, not just one with all the right surgical techniques but also one where the client feels as if their emotional needs are being met by an empathetic staff.
•Finally the solution is to gradually manage the problem. Imagine a young man, 18-30 years old who notices for the first time in the mirror his hair is thinning. He could simply receive a small FUE procedure into those areas and possibly some light scalp micropigmentation after the hair grows in. He could also had a PRP injection to slow and even reverse some hair loss. This person could theoretically but seamlessly manage their hair loss throughout their life with small, calculated, and reasonably priced procedures at Evolve. Instead of waiting (like myself) until the problem is so great and you are so desperate you spend tens of thousands of dollars on a massive strip surgery (3-5,000 grafts) in hopes to get back what you had in 1 big “ta-da” moment. Where afterwards you are left with a massive scar across the back of the head you will be concealing for the rest of your life.

Evolve Hair Clinic is the only clinic in the world that currently offers these necessary options for properly managing hair loss. It is of my humble opinion that Evolve is starting a revolution in the industry and will quite literally solve the problem of hair loss for millions of men and women in the coming years. It is inevitable that all other clinics will follow in their footsteps.

by Robert Montague on Evolve Hair Clinic

I went to Evolve because I want to regrow my hair on the top of my head. The staff was awesome. They made me feel very comfortable from the moment I booked my appointment. When I showed up, they were just as friendly, and understanding in person. They took a lot of time to listen to my concerns. They also explained my options, and recommended solutions that would work best for me. I decided to go with the PRP, and I'm looking forward to having more hair again. I have since found out that the staff members who helped me, have been through, and have overcome their own hair loss. I had many consultations from others before I went to Evolve, but these people care for real!

by Dustin on Evolve Hair Clinic

My FUE grew in quickly. It has only been 6 months. I like to keep my hair short and it looks really good. No one knows I got anything done. I have to say that this was the best money I have ever spent. I will be re-booking in the future.

by Larry (Texas) on Evolve Hair Clinic

Let me first say you guys are lucky to have Jose working for you. Jose is a great talent and even better person. I am very pleased

by Mike (New York City, NY) on Evolve Hair Clinic

I recently flew back to New York after having the process done at your Minneapolis location. I had spoken to your competitor there and was upset with the bad mouthing the sales rep had done to earn my business. Thank you for being up-front about everything. I am happy with your services and your staff is beyond excellent. Your top technician is incredible. You earned my business for not talking bad about your competition. I appreciated you telling me you worked at your competitor’s office. You made a great choice on going out on your own.

by Sunny (Milwaukee, WI) on Evolve Hair Clinic

I’ve had two hair transplant surgeries over the last couple of years to recreate my hair line and fill in my thinning areas. I decided to meet with the Evolve staff and see what this CHR process is all about. After being satisfied with the knowledge and education the Evolve staff offered, I had the process done. Over the next month I have stopped wearing ball caps and just love the fullness Evolve created to go along with the FUE I had done

by Alvin (Kansas City, MO) on Evolve Hair Clinic

Hey Carter, I had the funniest thing happen to me today. I had my treatment like 5 weeks ago. Since then, nobody has noticed or said a word about my head. Not even my parents, sister and close friends who see me regularly or even people I went to college with. Today I was in a meeting with a friend that I have seen maybe six times in the last year. I was sitting across from him at his desk. After a couple of minutes he says “I see you are letting your hair grow out” all I could do was laugh. I couldn’t stop laughing so he says ” its not make up is it?” I didn’t know at the time what I would tell him so I automatically rubbed my scalp and said it’s not makeup. I told him the reason I was laughing was because I had my hair like this for the last 5 weeks, and no one except him had noticed! He then says” your hair looks great, and the hairline does too” All I could think was wow! He thinks this is my hair! LOL Then he asks me how often I cut my hair and I told him every couple of days. He went on to say that he grew up around Black people so he is familiar with hair styles and hair lines. I couldn’t wait to tell Kevin because I kept telling him nobody had noticed my head. BTW for the most part, nobody noticing means that it just looks natural and not out of place. Hope all is well for you and your business. Please tell my artist about this. LOL

by Brent (Minneapolis, MN) on Evolve Hair Clinic

I went to see my barber shortly after having the CHR process done. He asked me if I was using a re-growth product. He said, ‘It looks like thousands of new follicles are coming in.’ I just smiled and felt a new sense of confidence, it’s then I realized what a great decision I had made. Thanks to the technician and staff you truly made one mans dream come true

by Casey (Minneapolis, MN) on Evolve Hair Clinic

The Treatment is virtually painless and the results are just simply amazing. I was in and out in two days and never felt more confident and alive. The technician just simply delivered on what I was looking for.

by Jason on Evolve Hair Clinic

I had the Restoration procedure done at Evolve Hair Clinic and I could not be happier! I felt self-conscience about a scar that I had on my scalp and a fading hairline and wanted to do something about it. I met with Carter for a consultation and he made me feel so comfortable that I actually left there wishing that I could have the procedure right away! But Carter and the rest of the Evolve staff will never rush you or “sell” you. They all prove themselves to be very professional and competent. When it was time for the procedure, Tonia, my technician, really put me at ease. The procedure took approximately 6 hours but we took as many breaks as I needed. To my surprise there was no pain! When the procedure was complete I followed Tonia’s after-care instructions and had no complications at all. The only way I can prove to anyone how satisfied I am is through the people I am closest to. From my family, to my co-workers all the way to the person who has been cutting my hair for five years; no one has ever noticed!!!! They only tell me that “something” looks different about me and that I look really good!”

“Thank you very much, Evolve Hair Clinic. I highly recommend them to anyone considering this procedure. If you seek more than just my testimony please feel free to ask Carter to see my before and after photos when you go in for your consultation! I’m proof this technology works!

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