Thinning hair options for women and men in Minneapolis PRP

Thinning Hair Options for women and men in Minneapolis Evolve Hair Clinic

Every morning thousands of us wake up and walk into the bathroom to get ready for another day at work or something that requires a public appearance. For many of us who are experiencing thinning hair this friend we call the mirror in the bathroom quickly becomes a nemesis. For thousands of us we try every imaginable trick to cover up our thinning hair. Shampoos, concealers, and the dreaded hat. In researching options myself to thinning hair for men, there will literally hundreds when i typed in hair loss options in google. It was difficult to weed out the truth and the magic potions offered and what really works.

So just what are the best options for us with thinning hair. Can it be reversed? lets explore three great options. I will get to the point i chose the PRP option with a great vitamin regiment.

Hair Loss Shampoos Minneapolis

Shampoo: When looking into hair loss shampoos you could spend hours researching all to find out the same thing. It is physically impossible for Shampoo to remove DHT blockage from the follicles dermis. At best shampoos remove excess build up on the surface of the scalp and can help strengthen the hair shaft. Some shampoos can thicken hair but not stop further hair loss. please visit this site to learn about DHT and how it causes hair loss.

Prescribed medicines and over the counter: Personally i use Propecia and oral medication taken everyday. I can say it halted my hair loss but i did not see significant growth. I tried Rogaine and personally it did not work, However it may work for you. these are the only two know FDA approved products to help with hair loss.

I then discovered a non surgical technique that has been used overseas for 10 years and is just know becoming more known and popular in the united states. Platelet Rich Plasma treatments. At first i was a little skeptical, however as i did more research i learned that professional athletes have been using this procedure for muscle regeneration and prolonging careers for over 10 years. to better understand PRP please visit this website and how it works

Hair Loss Treatment Minneapolis Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

My PRP treatment took around 75 minutes and was virtually painless. PRP is a simple process of extracting 60cc of plasma from the body and spinning it down in a centrifuge device. In my research there are many companies that offer PRP treatments for hair loss but not in the correct amounts of dosage to be effective. I found a small very friendly company called Evolve Hair Clinic in Minneapolis who educated me on the pros of PRP and the DR. was very knowledgeable.


PRP-Acell combination is a great option for women and men with thinning hair.with thinning hair.

Evolve Hair Clinic in Minneapolis helps men and women with thinning hair using a simple non surgical procedure called PRP Platelet Rich Plasma. Book a free consultation today! 651-789-6817