Tips to reduce your shiny scalp problem

Being the center of attention is something that people would like to have when they are making a speech or performing onstage. It is an indicator that they are able to grab the interest of the audience and probably doing a good job at it too. The same might not be true if the person was being looked upon simply because of a physical trait. It could feel kind of unnerving and sometimes rude.

This is a situation that a shiny scalp could potentially create. Staring or even glancing at a bright spot is of course, largely unintended. It can easily catch a person’s eye and could make them momentarily do something that they are unaware of. While this may be true, it could tend to become annoying once it is done repeatedly over the course of time not only by the same person but others as well. It could eventually lead to hurt feelings, something which could certainly be avoided. Trying to decrease this attractive circumstance is the best way to prevent this from happening.

A shiny scalp is mainly the result of light bouncing off a smooth surface. Bare skin, amplified by moisturizers or the sebaceous glands cannot help but create a shiny surface. There is no hair to absorb the light to help reduce its occurrence. A good trick is to shave with the grain as opposed to against it. This leaves just the right length of hair to prevent it from giving off an abnormal shine. Using an electric shaver as opposed to wet shaving is also conducive in achieving this. It helps leave just enough hair to absorb the light.

Oil is another reason why a scalp gets really shiny. It cannot be avoided in most instances because the sebaceous glands naturally secrete this to protect the skin from bacteria and infection. Washing can help clean the area as well as reduce the excess oil. This could also be done with the use of sanitary wipes for quick cleaning requirements. These methods should not leave the scalp dry however because it could cause it to compensate by producing more oil. This might also lead to irritation, leading to a more noticeable scalp dotted with red marks. Remembering to moisturize after washing or wiping could help prevent dryness. This might however lead to more shine. Applying this before sleeping might be best to avoid the unwanted attention. The use of matte or non-greasy moisturizers may also be a good way to reduce the shine if it is absolutely necessary to do this during the day.

It is unavoidable for a person to sweat. The body needs to do this to regulate its temperature during exercise or any physical activity. It is also a method to clean the system by releasing toxins from its pores. Emotions can likewise make a person sweat under the pressure of these strong feelings. These circumstances however can also make the scalp shine brighter. It is because sweat can cause the light to reflect off of it just as well as water. Having a handkerchief within reach can easily solve this during stressful situations. It is of course quite acceptable to sweat when a person is engaged in any sporting activity. Any concern regarding a shiny scalp would automatically take a back seat to the outcome of the physical performance the person is currently engaged in.