What is Follicular Unit Extraction “FUE”

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a hair transplant surgery. The process is done by extracting singular grafts from all areas of the side and back of the head. The units are then strategically placed in regions of the scalp that are experiencing thinning hair or baldness.

Over the years, FUE has become increasingly popular as an alternative to the linear scar surgery, more commonly known as the strip scar.

Evolve Hair Clinic has developed the perfect pairing to FUE, by complementing it with Scalp Micro Pigmentation to make hair loss treatment complete.

When choosing FUE hair transplant surgery, it is important to look at quality of work. There are many wonderful doctors out there that provide great work.

At Evolve Hair Clinic, we can recommend a doctor and also provide complementary services to your FUE procedure.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation is the process of creating thousand of life like hair impressions to create a full looking head of hair. When combined with FUE Follicular Unit Extraction the final look is a virtually undetectable three dimensional look that is unsurpassed in the hair restoration industry and you will find this only at Evolve Hair Clinic.

Evolve Hair Clinic has offices in Minneapolis Minnesota, Dallas Texas, and Atlanta Georgia.

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